Summer Rain. And Nature’s Fury……

Dark clouds rolled over the horizon raising a canopy over the sprawling backwaters yesterday afternoon.

We moved to the balcony to absorb the beauty, but had to make a hasty retreat when the light and sound show begun. The sky was lit, and it was immediately followed by the roaring thunder, signifying that the strike is nearer than anywhere far.

Refrigerator plug was out, cricket match stopped (on TV) and wires were removed and switched off.

We still wanted the panorama and thought sitting on the sofa in the living room with view over the water would be fascinating.

Then one struck, this time the light and sound got synchronised and lasted a few moments more than what would be comfortable.

Luckily the clouds lifted the cloth covering, allowing water to come down. Apparently lighting intensity diminishes with rain.

The wind took some of the clouds away and I would have been happy if the rain lasted some more time.

Switched off AC at night, first time after coming back from USA.

Summer Rain. And Nature’s Fury……

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