And Says Aphrodite “I’m Back”…..

I had to make a selection of the goddess for the dream series, a choice between the natural Venus and the exotic Aphrodite.

And I chose the exotic as the symbol of beauty, love and sensuality. For she appeared in person, taking care of all the dream needs. I was happy to be the most satisfied disciple.

She directed me to Paphos in Cyprus to her rock and asked to collect a stone as counterpart of hers for a scripted ritual.

All good things won’t last and between the cup and lip, all were lost.

Or at least that’s what I thought. But here I am dealing with heavenly characters, and I got a call.

Yes there she is, looking much younger and significantly more beautiful. She’s back, and what did she say ‘the loss there is a gain here’. It’s simple, though it may look a detective work.

I am busy sharpening the tools for the worship, collecting ingredients for the worthy pooja.

And of course the stone from her rock and please show the counterpart stone 💎

And Says Aphrodite “I’m Back”…..

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