Wisdom Beyond Age

I am very positive about the younger generation. The talent i see in the young friends here is just amazing.

To give an example, I was attracted to the boldness, clarity and the clear stand on some sensitive issues, taken by a blog friend.

I was following the posts closely, and I was supporting with positive comments etc.

Then in one of her posts she invited friends to share personal information. Which included her age.

And 17, my God! I have a fatherly affection now and a what’s due is a kiss on the forehead.

And a great poetess. Great prose and poetry maestro who I want to copy. And someone who’s a mentee. And several other smarter bloggers who all are with wisdom beyond age.

Perhaps I can be a mentor, with some experience in the area. Otherwise I am an ardent follower.

Wisdom Beyond Age

30 thoughts on “Wisdom Beyond Age

  1. I agree that some in the next generation hold promise. But as a retired teacher (I just retired this year) of high school students, I was often appalled at their language and lack of respect for authority. I am glad that you see the hope and promise in one young blogger. I hope that there are many others like her.

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