Night Owl and Lark

A blogger friend wrote about night owl and I realised that I am one. She then suggested that I should try become a Lark.

But wait a minute, I am Lark also. Though I don’t see bed, well after midnight, I have a body clock at 5.55am.

Why 5.55, I haven’t figured it yet. It can’t be that, I am truly a non smoker.

The cricket series IPL with end past midnight must have accelerated the staying awake phenomenon.

To think of it, I may be enjoying the solo existence at that time. I do yoga, at that time, which is good as a physical celebration.

Best is the discovery that there’re other better night owls on the prowl. Cyber interaction is a good celebration to the mind.

Sometimes you find yoga strenuous, especially when you do 20 suryanamaskars after an hour of asanas. Men always find alternate means for simulated celebrations.

Apparently Ayurveda or equivalent suggests sleep from 10 pm to 4 am. You may not find any like minded Lark at 4 am. A compromise I can suggest is 11 pm to 6 am.

But then you’re to be lucky to sleep that much. But 12.30 am to 5.55 am is inadequate. I may be in trouble

Night Owl and Lark

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