The Needy Follower

The best role in this blogsite is that of the follower. Being a follower, one can absorb the wisdom all around.

When you are a follower, it’s important that you try and not miss the posts from your famous bloggers.

Talking about famous bloggers, I am reminded of the saying I chanced upon once.

‘You like some people more than others’.

It may look a very simple statement of fact, but it carries so much of substance.

For me that gives a reason to get up in the morning and first check if my favourites have something in here. And the excitement in seeing it is bliss.

And by liking and commenting on those precious posts, you’re telling them of the favourite tag.

Please know that I am an ardent follower 🌸

The Needy Follower

14 thoughts on “The Needy Follower

  1. Sooo True 💯
    That’s what I did just now opened WP, saw your post. Going to comment *sweet write up*😄
    Because you are one among my Favourites list 😄👍
    Happy blogging 💐

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    1. Do write. Just dil ki aawaz
      And if you think you have a desire to write a book, join in the just formed ‘book Writer’s Club’ we are four of us now. The idea is to share experiences and encourage members to stick to a plan etc. see also my blog with Club name.
      For joining just send me a mail on:

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