Taking a Break From Rains

It has been raining heavily over the last several days. The best period for me, especially from my waterfront balcony and also when driving through the thick wooded interior Kerala.

And we had a mild breather from the heavy downpour yesterday. It’s fascinating to see the white Storks (herons) flocking along the water boundary, as if they are discussing and exchanging notes about the rains.

I remember the days when there were no strict control on protecting wildlife and people took on to shooting these lovelies, in the pretext of protecting their cultivation, while the birds actually ended up on their dining tables.

Those days it was difficult to spot one and we used to get excited seeing one. The birds on their part were sensitive to humans as enemies and fly off at the mere sight of us

Now there’s no killing. The birds are plenty and friendly.

Nice welcome change.

Taking a Break From Rains

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