Plastic Activism

A large number of friends are really annoyed and express strongly against the spread of use and more importantly the littering and consequent damage to environment and living species, with the use of plastic.

I support them wholeheartedly.

But there’s another evil happening, at least in india in the guise of punishing for the use of plastics. Traders, including big supermarket chains punish customers for using their plastic bags for carrying purchases home.

For those with significant sales this charging for use of plastic bags is a substantial revenue item. The charge is many times the cost of the bag.

Are they accounting this free income? Are they paying taxes on it?

If the purpose is to discourage the use of plastic, shouldn’t the packet that’s charged be made of ecofriendly stuff ( some do).

Either way, shouldn’t the charge be just to recover the cost, if it can’t be absorbed as cost of sales!

It’s not fair if allowed to make a huge profit by selling plastic bags.

Is the money going at least for charity!

In the absence of any of these, it’s evil.

Plastic Activism

10 thoughts on “Plastic Activism

  1. Plastic in any form is an evil Kurian. It is choking our planet. Instead of giving those bags to customers on payment, they should totally stop giving bags and encourage people to carry their own bags.
    I really don’t know where the amount of revenue from bags goes 🤔. It is reflected in the bill. So I guess it is accounted for.

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  2. Rightly said!

    You know, the ‘cloth-like’ bag which is used these days as a substitute for plastic in fact is not biodegradable!! That also is a derivative of polythene. Recently there was an article on this in “The Hindu”.

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  3. It’s such a shame this is happening… here in the UK there’s a 5p charge on your standard plastic bag and the number of people I now see bringing their reusable bags is amazing. I believe all money raised from the bags was given to charity (at the discretion of the business) HOWEVER some businesses did end up keeping the money and… yeah it’s not good.

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