Now that I have started my book, I have been visiting my childhood to get some inspiration.

That’s when I realise that I am still that boy who had many beautiful childhood experiences. It’s wonderful to realise that most of the sentiments and feelings that I have today, I had them in my childhood days also.

That’s when one lovely young friend in conversation mentioned ‘sorry for talking to you so freely. You’re much senior, but I don’t feel any age difference while talking to you’.

I thought that was wonderful. Yes it’s and I am very happy about that.

But you can’t have it always. There’re instances when you are reminded of an age difference.

Just acknowledge and move forward


18 thoughts on “Ageism

    1. വളരെ സന്തൊഷം കണ്ടതിൽ. ബുക്ക്‌ ക്ലബ്ബിൽ ചെർന്നുകൂടെ? ഞാൻ എഴുതാൻ തുടങ്ങി. ജിഞ്ജുവിന്റെ review വേണം.
      പിന്നെ ജിഞ്ജുവിനു ബൂക്കു എഴുതാൻ encouragement ആകും.

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      1. We are six of us now. Only one has written a book- Manju Nambiar. Others are without experience. I also thought I couldn’t but I am on page 4 of my book and I like it. Others are planning a combined book of short stories by each and I will also write there. You can join in.
        I think this is a great opportunity. Please join by sending the whatsapp number. The group ‘Book Writer’s Club’ will not use it for any other chat other than on the book. I am the admin and I am very particular about it.
        Please send number to my number +91 9400056031

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