Daily Routine

Of late I have developed a happy habit of wishing some close friends every morning. Actually it started as good morning and good night, the evening wish sometime in the few minutes past midnight.

That, I admit was a bit too much and now I have limited it to good morning only.

Interestingly a couple of them respond with Happy morning and not good morning. Apparently Happy morning radiates more energy.

The natural instinct is good morning, but I am a good friend and I wish the two good friends happy morning.

Sometimes you forget and use the natural instinct. Followed by a hastened Happy morning.

Most of the select list respond giving great personal happiness. When the response is absent, sometimes I also do the same thinking it’s a botheration. That’s when the sweet thing happen. They come back with explanation.

One of them is yet to get back. And I am going to do the explanation.

I want to greet each and everyone individually. That’s a bit time consuming.

So here’s Happy July 🌻🌸

Daily Routine

20 thoughts on “Daily Routine

  1. That’s very sweet! I even sometimes forget to say good morning to hubby, let alone send happy morning messages to my bffs. My excuse is I’m not a morning person. I don’t even pick up any call before 9am and only important calls between 9am and 10am. Then my day starts and my bffs and I can even have big fat chats. 😄

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