The Besties

Now that I am writing a book and that too for the first time, I need some feedback on my initial pages.

The first two pages were ably dissected by the Book Club members and I was fortunate to get their feedback. The one from the member who is just about to publish the second book has been priceless.

Now that I am on page 8 and since the Club member is busy finalising the release I decided to try a few good friends and well wishers.

The feedbacks are priceless. I am grateful to them for the suggested corrections with the intend to make the book readable and better.

Best of all, I am getting a good feeling and gratefulness to the besties ❤️

The Besties

8 thoughts on “The Besties

  1. Я бы с удовольствием помогла, но мне придется пропускать текст через переводчик, а он его портит. может разве что с сюжетом и мыслью подскажу)

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