Movie Priced on Demand

We were taking one of our original bangalore friends for a movie.

The new movie ‘Sanju’ which is the story of a controversial Hindi movie actor, son of a much loved actor couple, but who was in jail accused of terrorism, drugs etc is a huge hit.

Anticipating full houses I wanted to book online and selected the premium seats in a popular movie house nearby. The price I saw was sort of double the price I pay in kochi for such premium seats.

Thinking that it’s because of the popularity of the movie, I proceeded to the pay page to see the total amount for four tickets coming to Rs. 7000 plus (more than $100). The first display was for one ticket.

I looked for other options and booked for Rs.2000 plus in another theatre.

Frankly I was startled to see a price of Rs.7000.

Movie was good with excellent acting, dialogue etc. but not good enough for Rs.7000 though

Movie Priced on Demand

19 thoughts on “Movie Priced on Demand

  1. bhavana says:

    Omyyyy goddddddd which theatre in bangalore is this?I will never go there.
    But as such the prices of tickets are comparatively higher in bangalore as compared to Mumbai!
    Mumbai is damnnnnn cheap even for a good screening hall ! Even then I end up watching on netflix amazon prime television!

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  2. Foolchund Saahil says:

    Is it a movie or branded clothes/perfume? No really, we pay only 250 to 300 Mauritian rupees for a movie ticket which would be approx. 500 to 600 Indian rupees.

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    1. I agree. In fact regular movie in a good TV house is Rs.150 a ticket. The gold class has fully recliners and the equivalent one back home in Kerala for the same movie is Rs.400.
      Here in Bangalore it comes to Rs.1750 per person. Food apparently is served. But still

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