Somewhat Stuck With The Story

I started on my book after years of boasting about having it in the bucket list and thought things are going smoothly.

The first few pages moved with ease and the heart poured out the truth.

I thought I could hide me by letting him speak of me.

And that’s difficult as it’s me and my heart telling the story.

So the major overhaul leaving him out.

Then the dilemma now is ‘how to suppress those to be hidden’?

This dilemma is because of my pledge that no one else should be hurt or feel embarrassed.

But that’s not easy as life has been a bit colourful.

I am to have serious arguments with my heart which insists that it will not be part of any lie.

I am telling it that I am no brave but a serious idiot of a humbug.

No, can do! says it ❤️

Somewhat Stuck With The Story

18 thoughts on “Somewhat Stuck With The Story

    1. Good morning Margo
      I am sorry for that. I was mentioning that while writing the book, and when writing on some of my secrets, I am worried that people who have secrets with me may get embarrassed. I have to think of concealing their identity. A dilemma

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      1. Оу, теперь это понятно. Думаю, что да, нужно было с ними познакомиться.
        А лучше назвать другими именами так, чтобы ваши общие знакомые не догадались, кто это может быть.

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  1. that would be the big struggle of writing from our heart .. others can be hurt. A huge dilemma for many writers and so many write fiction so that the real characters may well recognise themselves but they are publicly protected by the veneer of fiction …

    You will find a way around it and consult those nearest and dearest as they may have a perspective that you haven’t thought of yet!

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