Passion, Not Dreams- For a Reason

I was reading an Instagram forward and a message from one of the contestants of the Miss India Beauty Pageant.

The forward is a statement from John Volanthan, the lead diver at the Thai Kid’s rescue. He said-

“I dive for passion and always wondered if it would have a purpose. Last two weeks was what I prepared for my entire life”

On top of the forward, the beautiful lady said

“Pursue your passion, no matter what. Eventually you’ll find the purpose”

My DM to her ‘shall I say beauty with brains; and add with passion’

So it’s clear, follow your passion. You’ll find a purpose, eventually.

Passion, Not Dreams- For a Reason

11 thoughts on “Passion, Not Dreams- For a Reason

  1. Very perceptive! There is a purpose behind passion. Great post! It’s taken me a while to find this passion too. A few years ago a friend posted something about this same topic. It simply stated that whatever you naturally find yourself gravitating to is your passion! I used to think my passion might be distraction but it’s been very healing and has linked me to so many people. I love color and so I began my own jewelry business which then evolved into print, tote, t shirt and pillow making. I just had my first craft show and it was such a rewarding experience. I Continue exploring. I find that my passion evolves and I learn more about myself in this business more than I ever have!

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