The Generation Gap

After starting to write a book to tick an item in the bucket list, I think I have a new view on the so called generation gap.

So far my outlook towards the term has been on the difference caused by the technological advancements and the consequent lifestyle changes.

Admittedly the new generation is smarter and they’ve access and skills to do many things the earlier generation couldn’t do.

However, when I took a close look at my childhood days, I could see many things that the present generation could be totally missing.

These may be small things like walking barefoot, climbing a tree, milking a cow or at least watching it, collecting honey etc. But a modern day childhood can have none of these.

The nature is also different, having been destroyed by the carelessness of the earlier generation.

That’s where I have this idea now, of building something around memories for the new generation children to have a sneak peek preview of my childhood, in a small way.

And here I got the name of my book also, which is going to be the same as the one I would build. It’s my way of showing a generation gap, but the name is not generation gap!

The Generation Gap

27 thoughts on “The Generation Gap

  1. Tessa Elizabeth says:

    Very true!! We just hear the things our parents enjoyed in their childhood! And we feel that we miss them. Maybe whatever we enjoy now, won’t be there for our next generation and they might miss more! 😀

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  2. Anonymous says:

    It’s funny to me that you and I are on the same wave-length with our book ideas in a way. Different subjects but using the blog title as the book title. I’m writing and will use that name for the book. I look forward to reading your generation gap tales.

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    1. Thank you someone. My book title is different from the blog name. Only that it’s the same as the project name that I mentioned I am building.
      Great to know that you’re writing a book. Let’s stay closer on that

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    1. Thank you Lisa. My book title and the project title which I mentioned in the post are the same. It’s not the blog title.
      Good to know that you are writing a book. You may have a few already, unlike me the first time author

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  3. I love the idea of trying to pass along the best parts of our childhood to our children and grandchildren. Their lives may be very different from the way ours were at that age, but we still have something valuable to offer!

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  4. I will definitely enjoy comparing your childhood experiences in India with mine in the United States. My grand children always want to hear about the “olden days” as I did with my grandparents. I think it is a treasure to pass these stories on.

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  5. I think a lot of innocence has been lost and growing up seems to happen much faster than when I was a child – technology probably has a lot to do with it, and the media is more fast paced with it’s advertising and images – children and teens feed of this like never before nowadays!

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  6. Interesting discussion here Kurian … our childhood included splashing in puddles, make believe and using our imagination in ways that young people no longer seem to do … there will be some real losses there for them. Look forward to read some extracts from your book!

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