Über and Ola

We will be going back to Kochi after the longest stay in Bangalore in recent times, some 23 days.

This time we took a calculated decision not to drive and came by one of those cheap flights. The reason was the ever increasing bangalore traffic and the availability of über and Ola.

Moving around, it’s clear that both the companies are adopting some tactics to extract unreasonably higher fare from the passengers.

If the fare during the day between 10.30 am to 2 pm is x, then it’s 2.5x in the evenings and similar high earlier in the morning.

It’s not only based on the demand and a demand based pricing, as for example the micro, mini, premium categories are priced the same during the busy hours.

Of course the price is given before the booking and we have a choice, but there’s some trust loss.

We need to come back after a week and I may drive from Kochi this time.

Über and Ola

8 thoughts on “Über and Ola

  1. U r right! But i must admit that Ola and Uber were a very convenient and economical choice for me all through the pregnancy. I travelled to office and back in one of those cars every single day for 6 months (i was working from home for first 3 months). Since i used their services twice a day.. i used to get discount5 coupon codes and i saved a lot of money specially because of uber.

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  2. roads from kerala upto Tamil nadu arent that good but coimbatore to Bangalore is a bliss due to toll roads. I have driven down to Munnar, pallakad in the past and the mileage drops down

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