A Train Journey

I just landed in Kochi, coming from Bangalore by train. That’s eventful as I don’t usually travel by train as I don’t like it.

No, it’s not snobbish as there are so many things like washrooms, the way people eat in the train (looks like some people travel only for eating) etc etc.

Since we were to bring some stuff from Bangalore and since the baggage allowance of airlines inadequate, my wife persuaded me to travel by train.

We tried booking by first class airconditioned cabin but were in waiting list. She called her brother who was General Manager of Southern Railway and got emergency quota released.

Cabin was good, but on the whole not good enough for the price which was higher than airfare. The compartment was at the fag end making us walk the distance. Train came and landed on one of the outer platforms thus making us to take the over bridge.

Sad was to see the porter carrying the heavy boxes. Some handsome tips could not erase the guilt feeling.


18 thoughts on “A Train Journey

  1. bhavana says:

    The train mayb the place where people are really eating(like really) … so the washrooms so on and so forth …
    like obviously πŸ™„ better than always laying on that sleeper coach…..
    What did you do through the journey then ?! lol

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  2. The railways Dept doesn’t seem to be interested in offering good services at least the basic services to the public like how they do in abroad. But every year they are prompt enough to raise the train fare in the railway budget…… 😌

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