A Swim In My River

It was dream come true yesterday. I went to ‘my River’ flowing along our land in Thidanad, my hometown, and was in the water for about 45 minuets.

I had earlier posted a video of the river at the peak of the floods, but much of the water has flown away.

We have clear water and fast flowing which is ideal for a Swim.

Some of the pebbles have returned. I hope the water, sand and the pebbles will remain, like it was in my childhood days.

Nostalgia 😌


23 thoughts on “A Swim In My River

      1. Зови так, как тебе удобно. 🙂 Я не люблю только имя Рита. Оно меня раздражает.
        Планы? Пишу книгу. Теряюсь в нитях сюжета. Не могу придумать продолжение.


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