The Book, Again

It started as one item in the bucket list, and now it’s a passion, and i have to progress with the book that i have started.

Something’s come in between and the progress is definitely got affected. That’s when I have to put my perseverance to test. And I will get back into shape for sure.

I have also started a ‘Book Writer’s Club’ where we have been fortunate to have an author in the group. The Club also needs some boost.

There’s work ahead, and we will do it.

A bit of ‘idea reveal’ my book may show a village childhood which hopefully the new gen would look at with interest and would do something to experience, if they would think something is being missed.


15 thoughts on “The Book, Again

      1. It’s a whatsapp group where the members agree to use it for only the book purposes. No other messages or forward.
        Members exchange ideas on book writing and we even plan a book with short story contributions from some of us. Now we’re only eight


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