Aphrodite (Dream Series)

I got this picture from one of the posts here and immediately got attracted to it.

I have chosen Aphrodite over Venus for the goddess, as she is goddess of beauty, love and sexuality.

I visited her rock in Paphos, Cypress and as directed by her (her human avatar) picked a stone to be the counterpart of hers.

I practiced the ritual to the dot, as taught by her. One day, true to the goddess’s nature, I was dumped.

Then she came back, more beautiful this time, with a post announcing she was her.

Then again, true to her playfulness, I was dumped again.

And I saw this picture of hers. The message is clear. Find her in me. True to all the messages taking centre stage now, of self love etc.

Or is it through the avatar, contacting me with the message?

Certainly Aphrodite is back, and I still have her stone.


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