Plot Reveal- My Book

With a book in my bucket list and encouraged by friends here and with a ‘ Book Writer’s Club’ I am to accelerate the small start with my book.

I must admit that I am emotionally touched with the gesture of two of my friends sending their beautiful books all the way from Australia and Ireland for me to read.

And we have a member of the Club with two books published.

Now it’s my turn to be serious with my book. I am no writer, but I found a plot to write, which is nothing but focused on the village life and childhood.

It’s a plot as the book is planned with a small facility in the village to be named after the book and with a sincere effort to replicate the innocence of rural childhood for visitors (friends) to stay and feel.

The plot also covers an idea of letting friends sponsor a tree like a mango tree, a mangostine Fruit tree, Rambuttan etc and visit the facility at harvest time to pluck and enjoy own produce.

Again we should have some experiences with ‘Cooking Exotica and Fitness’ with traditional items like ‘Mango Thera’ (a preparation with mangoes), Chakka Undas’ (Jackfruit Sweets), Jackfruit Chips, Virgin Coconut Oil production, Yoga, Natural fish Spa etc. And of course some arranged site seeing.

The icing of the cake is the opportunity to host friends and to have a good time. And this is worth any efforts towards it’s fulfilment ❀️


32 thoughts on “Plot Reveal- My Book

      1. Thank you and all the best to your author aspirations.
        If you don’t mind, I would like to have your name. It’s better to address with the name.
        And of course, thank you Radhika

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