Alcohol & Harvard Medical School

Please don’t get ideas like I did the moment I typed the title; it’s not about any issues with Harvard.

Issue, perhaps yes, their issue, meaning periodic publication on health, priced @ $30 offered to regular suckers like me with 30% discount.

The latest on offer is on alcohol and why is a teetotaller like me interested in it!!! That’s because it says that alcohol and age are deadly (not the cool meaning, really dead-ly) combination and even a reduced consumption is dangerous as one grows old.

Why I am curious!!! Well an elderly doctor acquaintance bullies me for not drinking saying alcohol including wine is good for health. Yes, he drinks.

Now I can have a conversation with him.

Buy the publication? na, I stopped buying sometime back as their snippets, tempting people to buy, is good enough for me.


22 thoughts on “Alcohol & Harvard Medical School

  1. Ok…let me accept this….it’s the post title that made me open the post. But then, I must admit I’m not disappointed after reading it.😊 And yes, even I’ve heard many people say that a little bit of drinking does no harm even if you are much older. Now I know I can refer them to either the journal or to this post.

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