Relief to Flood Victims

The recent floods in Kerala (not over yet) have caused immense damage, taking lives and destroying property and agricultural land.

There are several aid organisations doing commendable work in providing relief. The question came up in a recent gathering as to what is the best way to donate.

My recommendation is clear. The best of work with required resources is by the state government and funding is from the Chief Minister’s Distress Relief Fund.

Donate wholeheartedly to the chief minister fund. The donor is eligible for 100% deduction of the donation from income tax.

That means, liberal donors get an additional 33 to 35% of donated amount as savings on tax.

Use this amount to assist someone we know have suffered in the floods.

I am not a fan of random private agencies as I can’t be sure of the end use.

And those who have moved from their houses to shelters when water reached inside, will need some clean clothes and sleeping materials.

Let’s open our hearts


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