Braving The Floods

The silver lining in a situation of unprecedented natural calamity is some touching stories of bravery and empathy.

I am not talking about the commendable rescue operations of the trained personnel from the military, police and other aid agencies. I have some incidents narrated by aid workers.

Two of them are in stark contrast to each other. One is when the aid and rescue boat reached a big house which was ravaged by flash flood.

Two cars parked in the house were partly submerged in mud and lying somewhere in the compound. When the people reached the front door, a lady came out in wet clothes and asked if they would have a nightie. When they didn’t have, she asked for any dry cloth.

An elderly lady inside the house said ‘we have always given in this house, now we are asking’. That’s God’s decision.

Another very touching incident was when food aid essentials were distributed to an area of upper middle class houses. The aid worker notified a very poor looking lady sitting on the roadside and watching the distribution.

When asked why she is not joining the queue, she said pointing to a small tin roofed hut, I live there and water has not entered our house’. ‘We are poor, but right now they are in need’. Take care of them.


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