And the Real Heros

Yesterday I wrote about my frustration of being a passive donor to the flood victims. I am yet to find an active way of getting involved to satisfy my wounded pride.

I looked at my wardrobe again and there are numerous outfits that I have not worn for a year or so. And they are in good condition, washed, ironed and kept. And they will move now to a collection centre.

I want to talk about some amazing people who mostly use Instagram in coordinating relief activities. I can see only those of my connections, many of them in our blog community.

And let me stand up while writing about one of them. She’s just amazing. She coordinates everything. Asking for specific assistance, posting help related links and even prescribing medication for aid workers who get in contact with contaminated water.

I got connected to her when a friend shared her post and since i knew her family name, i got her Instagram contact also. I can’t give her identity without her consent.

There are many others like her. True angels.


29 thoughts on “And the Real Heros

  1. That’s truly heroic about the girl u mentioned. And you are doing ur part even if it is in a passive way. Sitting here in another state we are upholding Kerala in our daily prayers, seeking a divinely intervention as early as possible. And helping and asking others too to help financially through the chief minister’s distress relief fund. But kudos to all who is actively standing among the people and helping out those in need. Take care of yourself and ur family too KJ. Being a victim myself of such flood not so long ago, I can understand and empathize with Kerala and its people very much.

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  2. Akshaya Thulasi says:

    Yes ! There are many others like her .
    Now it’s time for appreciating them .
    Also for giving a big salute to Manikandan , a man who passed away ( yesterday)while helping others .may his soul rest in peace.💐

    KJ , I also want to appreciate you for always spending your precious time for posting these kinds of posts and helping them in a way as you can.
    May God bless you KJ

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    1. RIP Manikandan. And thank you very much

      Thank you Akshaya for the kind words. I was not telling my personal worry about my brother stuck in the flood. Please read my post today. Divine intervention indeed

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  3. Anonymous says:

    True mettle of a (wo)man comes out in adversity, Kudos to the real heroes and heroines👍. Wish I were younger and healthier so that I could do something really productive.

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