An intervention

We were in tremendous tension when we lost complete contact with our elder brother and family who reside on the banks of Chalakkudy river which was in total fury.

I had asked him to come over, but like many he was comfortable with the three levels of his house, even in case of water entering the ground floor.

No one expected such fury and electricity, landline and mobile batteries died down.

Approach roads were flooded with river flowing rapidly through the roads making it difficult even for boats to go.

We were devastated when the teams coordinated by my nephew in police could not reach and returned by night.

I have been less religious and neglecting prayers, but willingly obliged when my wife asked me to join her in prayers. We said rosary and novena of ‘ Mother of Perpetual Succour’

And I told my Mother’s photo on my bed table, ‘take care of your favourite son’. (I lost my mother in 2001).

Within minutes, my wife got a message from a friend in kuwait saying that she knew the Naval official in charge of rescue operation. He was given the location coordinates of the house.

Almost simultaneously my brother’s son got a call from my brother saying that they are safe and that water has started receding. Also they were given water and bread by an aid boat. The landline worked briefly for him to send the message.

An intervention indeed.


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