Biriyani Chai / The Dancing Tea 💃☕️

I have been trying without success to make biriyani chai, the popular tea available in Kerala’s leading restaurant ‘Calicut Paragon’.

That’s when blog friend ‘LIBARAH’ published here, the method of making the tea.

And I followed the recipe to make my first ever quality biriyani chai.

Here the tea and the milk come separated in the glass and mixed together at the time of drinking.

I have this success published in my whatsapp broadcast group as below.

“Broadcast on Cooking Exotica & Fitness: Calicut Paragon Biriyani Chai/ Dancing Tea. Courtesy blogger friend in blog site ‘Libarah’. Finally it’s done. A good quality biriyani tea with apt separation between tea and milk. Tasty too.”

Thank you Libarah for the method to make this wonderful tea.

Please visit her blog for the details

Biriyani Chai / The Dancing Tea 💃☕️

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