Twilight in Full Glow

Last evening the Sun decided to display some of it’s colours.

A glorious view from balcony across the water has been somewhat unique, especially after prolonged periods of rain and clouds.

Twilight in Full Glow

32 thoughts on “Twilight in Full Glow

      1. Interesting. Looks like a talented author community.
        I have a different path. I write what comes to my mind at the time of writing (most often). I don’t participate in awards, quotes, challenges or prompts.
        In addition to writing, I read posts of those I follow. Well as far as possible. And comment.
        I am very happy here.
        Looking forward to your publication

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      2. Much obliged. Actually, the way you deal with the blog is the correct one. Penning down without any external stimuli. But I have become so dull later, that I need a target, only then I complete writing. Hence, it was a very deliberate attempt from my side to keep this blog alive.

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