Didn’t Wait For Me!

I was to visit my ailing relations, my mother’s brother and sister, but had to delay it as the heavy rains and floods had started.

After the floods I was busy on other things but finally decided to visit both of them yesterday, the Saturday, September 15.

But on 14, my uncle passed away. He was 91. I always knew that I was his favourite and he enjoyed my last visit and was laughing a lot on my unusual gift of the garb, narrating many old time episodes.

And yesterday, the 15, early morning we got the message that my mother’s sister also passed away, dying in her sleep. She was 88.

Both the brother and sister died at their respective homes.

I did make the visits, but was a bit too late.

A clear lesson. ‘Don’t delay, do what you have to do at the right time’.

The fond memories remain. RIP

Didn’t Wait For Me!

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