All Natural Avacado Icecream

This is a totally natural ice cream that I prepared and which turned out to be a good dessert which one can enjoy without the usual guilt feeling in splurging on ice creams.

Scoop out the flesh from a fully ripe avacado. Add some fresh coconut milk and natural honey for the required sweetness.

Finely chop/cut a mixture of fresh cashews, almonds and walnuts. And add to the above.

Mix all the ingredients well, pour into Icecream trays, cover with cling film and put in the freezer.

And we have all natural, healthy and enjoyable ice cream which is crunchy with the liberal addition of fresh nuts.

Pistachio would be an ideal ingredient to add as it compliments the green colour of the ice cream. (I didn’t have pistachios with me when I experimented).

There was of course one challenge which if someone can give a solution, I will be obliged.

Avacado tends to darken a bit at the surface. I know lemon squeezed could be a solution but not sure of it’s impact on the overall taste.

I hope you will try and enjoy this all natural and healthy Icecream.

All Natural Avacado Icecream

22 thoughts on “All Natural Avacado Icecream

    1. Trying to restore some of the traditional ones. And in the process amending some the truly natural way.
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