Book Review: Dark Things. By Sukanya Venkatraghavan

My Review

It was my close friend who mentioned that her friend and classmate had written a book. Frankly it was my closeness to my friend that prompted me to buy the book.

And I liked it. Actually it’s an amazing coincidence! The book is almost like in my dreamworld.

As the name suggests, it’s about them! See what’s written above the Book Name. “What if the maiden was the monster”.

Sounds like a warning! But delve in, you see an amazing mind of an amazing author.

I am still wondering as to how Sukanya could think the way my mind works. Well, there’s a difference, she writes very well. She can string the story very well, while my thoughts are all over.

But there’s demons, celestial characters, goddesses and their love in both.

And for that matter ‘yakshi’ which I think is the Malayali demon who is stunningly beautiful with a long lusty hair and charming smile, clad in a white saree.

She’s cute and the only thing is that she attracts men and drink their blood.

Scary, but every Malayali men who professes some guts, is attracted to an yakshi.

Sukanya has yakshi, no yakshis and their head yakshi in the Book.

And what about romance! It’s plenty. Romance among demons is not dream affairs.

So, there comes the gandharvas, the handsome celestial male whose main job is seduction.

But again, love life among gods and goddesses; gandharvas and their harem and even between gods and humans are boring. At least we know about such fantasies.

But when a gandharva and for that matter the most eligible one falls in love with the most beautiful yakshi! Man O man, you have a story.

I am reminded and for that matter, so very excited to remember my close poetess friend who writes about a love affair between the angel and the devil.

The book is amazing. The yakshi folks seduce men and get their secrets.

Well, the secrets are tastier than the blood in this wonderful yakshi story. And when secrets are taken, you die.

Sukanya has succeeded in getting the reader clued onto her story.

But how come she has a stone in the book! The stone is something that Aphrodite gave me!

How did she know of my dreamworld and then show me how to dream well with clear objective and passion.

I wanted to write about the book when I read it quite a few months back. But I didn’t know that I could write a review. And after three reviews of recent origin, I am back on this must read book.

Enjoy the fantasy and romance in the book.

About the author.

Sukanya Venkatraghavan is an indian writer living in Mumbai with her husband and apparently a large congregation of cat and owl figurines. She was a film journalist covering the glamorous yet daunting world of Bollywood.

‘Dark Things’ is her first book

My Rating: 4.5/5

Book Review: Dark Things. By Sukanya Venkatraghavan

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