Counting sheep, white and pristine

Not to sleep, but enjoy the beauty

For it’s the clouds that treat the eye

When you’re on air, in flying machine

Look closer, are they cows jumping

Perhaps waiting for the moon

To make that proverbial jump over

Oh my, that’s not all, there’s an elephant

Or are they dinosaurs, refusing to fossil

And travel the sky, like ameba but big

Activate the wifi, and it says Key West

For you may be from Maine to Mexico

Open your eyes, it’s not always animals

Perhaps you don’t know, how countries look

Google for maps, and you find Trinidad

Turning into Thidanad, where you’re born

Worry not, the seatbelt is on, and pilot awake

The plane dances to the kiss of the skies

Best when the clouds are white

And upto you, to soak in the marvel


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