Coconut Consumerism

Consumerism is increasing use in an economically feasible way. Actually I am not going to delve into the merits and demerits of consumerism. Here I am talking about coconut becoming super food and then becoming hard to get and the resultant trade practices.

Earlier coconuts used to be sold by numbers. But the goodness of it, resulting in demand and price increase, made sellers to sell by weight.

That’s fine, but increasing the weight by retaining some husk on it is not fine. Here the coconut with husk on would weigh at least 10% more than the equally sized one with husk removed.

So who’s the winner in this consumerism! The buyer ends up paying more for the husk, and he has to remove it spending extra time and effort before use!

There’s always a remedy and like in all anti consumerism methods, it’s rather difficult. That’s to grow your own coconuts and if necessary limit it’s use.

After all, we are victims of consumerism.

Coconut Consumerism

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