It’s actually nice to have a mentor in every field and particularly true for an youngster who’s talented and capable of much more than what’s apparently available.

My success as a mentor has been in areas similar to what’s described above.

In fact it is nothing much more than just being there as a reliable second opinion.

It may look very simple, but its not that easy. First and foremost is the trust. Once you succeed in gaining complete trust of the mentee, things will fall in place.

There are instances where everything was done by the mentee with involvement of the parents, but the reassurance by me as mentor, is regarded as the reason for success.

A good position to be in. But that reassurance, it better be well researched as it’s the trust which is giving me the edge.

And then there’s this new case where I am not sure if my entering is a bit too early. And also if I am actually fit for the position.

But the two, currently live ones, are progressing very well and are most satisfying.


One thought on “Mentoring

  1. We were helped early in our marriage by a long married couple who were very reassuring that our difficulties were normal and would be resolved. I love getting wisdom from people who know more than I do about any particular subject. Beetley Pete, an English blogger, gave me much helpful advice when I first started my blog.

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