Stay In The Group, Or What?

Friends and friendship are something we all yearn for.

There are physical friends who we meet on a regular basis. Then we have friends we speak on phone regularly.

Social media has thrown open the prospect of having a sizeable number of good friends, with whom we correspond on the respective sites.

This category is also very valuable. Then the human nature comes in. That’s “you like some people more than others”

This happen all the time with social media friendship.

Then you may think of upgrading to phone or physical friend status.

And then you look at their social media activity and find you are just one among many.

So stay in the group!

After all friends in WordPress blogs are the most beautiful.

Stay In The Group, Or What?

18 thoughts on “Stay In The Group, Or What?

  1. You know why the friends in WordPress are more beautiful, because we all share the same passion of expressing ourselves thru a write up in the way of a random thought or a soul talk, or a poem or short stories or sometimes we even share what we needn’t necessarily speak with our family or the so called” Friends of real world”.
    The acceptance we get from this platform is magical. Yes some become favourites because of their character and personality reflection thru their writing and their feedback as in response to ur posts…. like how you are a favourite of mine because of the warmth feeling you always transfer along with ur feedbacks.
    So keep posting my friend ” Dil khol ke”. I am sure you are linguistic enough to understand that phrase…
    Loved reading your post after all it says we are one of your favourites😉

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      1. Haha…i knew you would catch on the phrase like jackfruit gum…(dil khol ke)…that’s how you write and that’s how we like it from you. Very few people write this way and I noticed from the first post your style of writing and i liked it.
        Thank you for’ the favourite’ 😁

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  2. What I love about the blogging network is the unconditional support – we are connected by our desire to write and multiply our thoughts without any subconscious expectation! Each friend is special 🙂

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