A Place Where Soulmates Hide

I am using borrowed words to tell this story. The place is our blogsite and the statement from one of blog friends.

And I agree. I need another borrowed definition to explain. Something which I came across from a Facebook group.

“A soul mate is not necessarily a lover or your life partner. A soul mate can be anyone in your life who has a great positive influence on you. Every single person that we deem to be “significant” truly is exactly that, for their vibrational essence is blending with ours and together we are creating a unique energy.

It is believed that the soul radiates all about the physical body, what some refer to as an aura. When you connect with another person spiritually and become completely open and trusting with that individual, your two souls begin to flow together. Should such a deep bond be formed, it is said that you have found your soul mate.  We are all joined in an ancient and eternal union with humanity that cut across all barriers of time, convention, philosophy and definition.  When you are blessed with a soul mate, you have arrived at that most sacred place: home.  This is a place so sacred that you open up completely to your soul mate.  A soul mate can be a guru, a parent, a friend or your lover”.

The above definition when interpreted could accommodate more than one meeting the requirements. That’s those with the life partner as soulmate, can still find a parent, guru, friend or anyone else as soulmates.

That’s why I agree that soulmates could be hiding in the group.

What a revolutionary thought!!!

A Place Where Soulmates Hide

25 thoughts on “A Place Where Soulmates Hide

  1. Completely agree with u on this KJ … . as one passion we all share together is expressing ourselves. So finding a soul mate in this platform can have more chances than outside. A study of soulmates survey is going on in another blog too as series starting from strday. Check it out. I am giving the link of the 1st part of that series.. .see if it meets with your idea of a soulmate. His research is quite vast and he has taken an effort to cover it from all angle. Here is the link:

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      1. That was real good outing for both of you KJ. I have a feeling your better half has a better taste in music and cuisine. Haha….😁.Glad u both enjoyed ur Sunday… sorry for the delayed reply. Had been a busy day. How was ur day?

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