Serendipity, Nearly or Maybe

I have, of late, been on ‘aura’ which a blog friend defined scientifically as synchronised frequency.

And then I have started experiencing sort of a confluence of this frequency synchronisation.

It’s similar to the universe working overtime to give you the predominant thought.

If I have to explain briefly, a signal comes from the other end when I think about that person. It’s not a response, but event happening simultaneously. And twice yesterday.

That was good enough to be pleasantly surprised. But the latest just better be not true!! Correction, best be true.

I was at dinner with my wife, last evening on our way back from hometown. We met relations in the restaurant having dinner and since I didn’t see my favourite among them asked where she was.

Interestingly she has the same name as the one I had the frequency synchronisation. And she was resting in the car nursing a headache while others were at dinner.

That’s fine. But at the end of their meal, her husband came to me to ask ‘how’s the book going on’!

Did I tell him about the book, probably not!

My God, was it serendipity!

Is the aura and it’s science frequency are on the same where the name is the same.

Perhaps I was scared to find out or wanted the pure excitement to think that both are the same.

Anyway I have genuinely felt the aura in person with the relative and genuinely and strongly again online with the namesake!

One and the same! Priceless not to find out now. Or should I!

Serendipity, Nearly or Maybe

15 thoughts on “Serendipity, Nearly or Maybe

  1. I find this subject on aura and serendipity very interesting. I believe in energy fields, however these days many of us are distracted by gadgets and technology that’s we may find it difficult to focus on energy synchronisation. Those who get to experience it are truly lucky!!!

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    1. Oh wow, this is serendipity. I was just thinking about energy fields, law of attraction etc and was regretting the loss (person got busy) of my guru in this. I was hoping to find someone with similar interests and my probable guru.
      And since such experiences are correct, I know I have found the person.
      Thank you 😊

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      1. My guru gave me the book ‘the secret’ by Rhonda Byrne. And she guided me and we progressed to a use of stone. It was working good when the connection got broken.
        If you can read the book, we can progress and then the stronger one will lead the other.
        I have a feeling you are from Philippines. I worked and lived there.
        It’s not using any predictive skills, just a hunch.
        Take care

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