Getting Taken Over

I am talking about a situation which has different reactions for different scenarios. In case in a job, when a junior becomes boss of his current boss, the current boss will feel disparate.

When your child becomes bigger and better than you, you become immensely proud.

Taken over maybe a wrong word, but that’s what I have observed in three of my mentoring situations.

I am not in the first situation, but definitely in the second. And to make it more real, I have done some revolutionary steps.

I offered virtual adoption and two of them consented to a father- daughter adoption. And I am immensely proud of their achievements.

The third, I offered reverse mentoring. And again I am immensely proud.

In fact everything is based on trust. When you establish complete trust, there’s no barrier. Things work out for the best

Getting Taken Over

4 thoughts on “Getting Taken Over

  1. KJ…you are absolutely right when you say trust is the base of any relationship…. but establishing that trust takes some time….it’s a bit long journey but once established by both parties it works out fine. As you told then everything is crystal clear….but the time taken is crucial too I think.

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