The Stone

This stone is from Paphos, Cyprus picked up from Aphrodite’s rock as directed by her.

I have the same line (branch) on both of my hands. These lines on the stone got emerged over a period of time when I was holding it on my right palm and placing it on the heart before sleep and doing the steps taught to me.

As such, this stone is special. You will get to know better on the process when you read Rhonda Byren’s ‘the Secret’.

Here the universe will grand your predominant thought. With the stone on heart, thanking universe for the good things you had during the day and allowing your thoughts to focus on the predominant wish, it gets given.

Wonderful secret indeed.

And think about two people with their respective stones in their palm and held on the heart and think about each other.

Universe is a leveller. It’s bigger than a super computer. It identifies the thoughts, equalises time zones and facilitate the confluence of meeting of the souls.

The meeting is at a different level, in an equalised parallel universe for the soulmates to make merry.

Such is the power as given to us by ancient wisdom by the greats.

The Stone

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