Views, Likes and Comments

I came across a blog post here where the blogger pointed out that many of the views, likes and comments on our blog posts are without even opening them.

I must admit that it’s partly true or sometimes we quickly browse through some good posts worth it’s weight in gold.

And then, here I pause a little. There’s something else. And I am talking about me and hope many of you will agree.

I have been spending sometime on this site and I have some very intense friendship with many blog friends.

And I think I am at a stage where I absorb the wisdom, passion and the essence of a post, just by looking at the summary.

Such is the connection with my friends and it’s just amazing. Actually I read posts of friends and the essence gathered first by the mere glance is the same after careful reading also.

Nowhere else we can feel this connection. It’s the work of the Universe getting us together here and working the miracle.

Views, Likes and Comments

47 thoughts on “Views, Likes and Comments

    1. Thank you Shalini. Yes I am very happy here. And let me also tell you that you are one of the most respected and followed blogger as far as I am concerned. For me a most wonderful connection.
      By the way Sheeja, my ex colleague who was affected by the stroke has resumed going for work, though on a flexible time. She asked me to convey her gratitude to you for giving her the added strength through your wonderful message for her.
      Now you know how precious you are

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      1. Omg omg omg that is such beautiful news on diwali.. Wow so happy she is back to her life. Tell her to enjoy every moment. Tell her every second of happiness will boost her body and will make her and keep her okay. Tell her not to look back and just live for today. Omg omg omg

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      2. Shalini, this is just another example of how good and compassionate a person you are. I consider it my fortune to have met you here and follow you ardently.
        Your spontaneous joy is making me also extremely happy. I will certainly pass on your happiness to her. And I will enhance my little contribution of being with her.
        It can be summarised in one of her messages to me. โ€œI never thought I could be so friendly with my bossโ€
        Life is beautiful ๐Ÿงก

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  1. agree about the blogging friendships created here … but I prefer to actually read the post otherwise I dont like or comment … those that skate through liking several posts without reading, not on!

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    1. I understand and i know it very well in your case. I am just playing Walter Mitty here. (I am a self styled Walter Mitty). I look at the name, the title and the Walter Mitty just gives me an idea. And if I read also the essence of communication somehow doesnโ€™t change.
      Best ignored ๐Ÿ˜Š


  2. Hi Kurian, I’m Queenie, an admin for Pencliff. We sent you an author invitation to join our team, and I’m just wondering if you are still interested in joining?
    If you are, please accept our sent invite.
    Thank you!

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