Bird Photography

When your theories on ancient wisdom, power of the universe and serendipity etc. help to confuse some of your friends, a good way to recover and look for some other time to try your luck with KJ’s principles; is to shoot with your camera.

The yellow beauty here was playing hide and seek with me. Finally it gave me an opportunity to partially expose.

The next frame of her taking off was too good to lose with the camera click. That’s to speak like a great photographer like in Walter Mitty. Or was it that I was slow to react in the split second!

And the stork was in a self love ‘me too’ mood and I thought it was waiting for a tiny fish to emerge from the sand below. Well I remained focused for a half hour, but the ‘love my shadow’ was well played.

A good tip for when you find ‘nobody likes me’.

Bird Photography

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