Positive Psychology

The young Harvard professor Ben Sahar is apparently the craze in Harvard with students queuing up for his Positive Psychology class.

It’s about happiness, self-esteem and motivation and his key tips are relevant for the purpose, I think

1. Thank God for everything you have

2. Practice physical activity

3. Have breakfast

4. Be assertive

5. Spend your money on experiences

6. Face your challenges

7. Put everywhere nice memories, phrases, photos of your loved ones

8. Always greet and be nice to other people

9. Wear comfortable shoes

10. Take care of your posture

11. Listen to music

12. What you eat has an impact on your mood

13. Take care of yourself and feel attractive

14. Fervently believe in God

15. Develop a good sense of humour

It’s not rocket science. We all have many of them. Then why not focus on the ones lacking and we may feel good.

Positive Psychology

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