Water Transport

This is brand new photo from our balcony, a boat service between Kochi and Vaikom covering in about 2 hours. It’s transport plus leisure as the route is scenic.

There are AC and Non AC sections costing ₹ 80 and ₹ 40 respectively. I would imagine non AC would be more pleasing to the eye and for the natural breeze.

Few months from now would be the starting of water metro using German made luxury boats, connecting various locations in and around Kochi.

Ideally the entire Kerala could be connected with some linking of rivers and that could be replicated in the country. It will decongest the roads and offer clean efficient and less expensive passenger and goods transport.

Mouth watering prospects, just tarnished in last night’s get-together where the number one ranking official of the state was struggling to give any prospect of a viable solid waste management system for the state.

That then would be the missing link for this demographically advanced state to claim world class standards.

Water Transport

16 thoughts on “Water Transport

  1. buckkleup says:

    This is a solar powered boat name Aditya if I am correct. This is made by a company in Kochi itself. Happy to see that it is widely accepted by the masses.

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