Waking Heartbeat

My Apple Watch gives me some important measurements that I monitor on a daily basis. Key among them are Heartbeat at different stages, sleep and quality of it and measurement of statistics of workouts.

One of the important of these is the waking Heartbeat. It’s around 50 per minute usually, but this morning it showed 61.

Clearly, this is the outcome of some anxiety. And it’s for no real reason though.

We are onto a week’s holiday in Mauritius and it starts today.

That means the household affairs are to be taken care of, which include many things related to what I view as inefficiency with banks and other service providers.

I like travel and flying, but the uncertainty on restrictions on gadgets and batteries is a concern. I have detachable, inbuilt and rechargeable batteries for my essential gadgets and a power pack. And I have been wondering what to take in hand and what to be checked in, what will get rejected etc.

That’s the little bit of unnecessary anxiety raising my waking Heartbeat by 20%.

Come to think of it, the first activity on getting up, checking messages from friends here, on Instagram, Facebook, messenger and mail have a very soothing effect and priceless.

Good morning dear friends 🌻

Waking Heartbeat

21 thoughts on “Waking Heartbeat

    1. Thank you very much for the wishes.
      If I remember you are teaching in a college/ university in north kerala.
      My respects and I will look forward to your posts and learn from them


      1. How nice of you to remember that! Yes, I used to teach in a college until last year. However, I moved back to Bangalore early this year and started working for a medical solutions company. This is my first corporate experience and I find this a big transformation in my career/life.

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      2. Yes I do remember because the posts are of high standard and I took a mental note of being an ardent follower of yours.
        Then I didn’t see your posts.
        Now that I find them, I will be spending time on them.
        I am in Mauritius now with erratic wifi and I will read your posts on return.
        By the way I will be in Bangalore on the 20th for a couple of days

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  1. I used to be very self-conscious about putting out my writing on a public platform when I first started writing because to me, they were just childish conversations with myself. Only much later did I realize that these conversations with the self captured something of life, and that it was a source of strength, hope and inspiration to some people. Thank you for this note! It makes me so happy! If you are in Bangalore over the weekend after the 20th, do let me know! Meanwhile, have a great vacation!

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