Toll Plaza Experiences

Sometime back I wrote about some taxi drives of Meru etc. service companies in Bangalore charging return toll fare while going from airport to city.

Yesterday a recorded message on the Meru Taxi said ‘the toll will be added to the final fare, please don’t pay cash’.

The driver however paid cash and I think he got ₹51 back as change for the ₹100 he paid.

The one way fare added to the taxi fare was ₹85.

Perhaps there were complaints of ₹130 charged as return fare, though I was lazy to complain. Or more likely it’s the bulk discount secured by the Taxi company, that is effecting a change.

Then there’s no complaint as we rarely see any business passing on any tax, refund or rebate benefits to the customer.

Just an observation, hurriedly made from the aircraft on way to a holiday in Mauritius- Yaay.

Toll Plaza Experiences

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