Apple Watch and Me

And finally it is here. A friend of mine mentioned yesterday that her doctor told her to avoid wearing her new Apple Watch as it would cause cancer.

Also that, wearing on the left hand would affect the heart.

She got the series 4 brand new one in consultation with me as I was to coach her on some workout and Yoga plans, to be measured by the Watch like I do.

The good doctor is in the country not very famous for attracting good talent, but it is rattling. Only good thing is that I wear the watch on my right hand, just to be special or different.

Then I thought about a few things. For one, I should admire the smokers continuing merrily in spite of the death by cancer warning.

And then of the elderly doctor who is after me, a teetotaller, saying that some alcohol, especially wine is good for health. And who chose to ignore the Harvard study that even moderate alcohol is bad as person ages.

The watch and the various performance analysis are clearly a booster for my sticking to some serious workout routine.

Of course, human nature is typical. Most of us, including me, like something telling good news. To explain simply, I don’t step on the weighing machine when I know the reading is higher. But would do that twice a day if it’s declining.

I would then ignore the doctor, though I must have lost a charming trainee. And continue wearing the watch on the right hand.

Apple Watch and Me

18 thoughts on “Apple Watch and Me

      1. Thank you Noor for the response. You are quite right. But we people when hooked on something will try and find excuses. I am one of them and please see my new post which is inspired by you. Thank you for that.
        And I have a feeling that you’re also a Apple Watch user

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