Birthday and Social Media

Greeting dear ones on Birthday is a duty. Of course, nothing like being with the person with your own specially ordered cake and gift. But the possibilities of getting involved in the birthday of many social media friends are quite welcome and exciting.

Usually it’s the Facebook which alerts you on a birthday and wishing is easy.

But there are dear ones who choose not to give Birthday details on fb and then you better remember.

Today is one of those birthdays that I can’t afford to forget. The choice of landing at the doorstep with cake on the left hand, flowers on the right and gift in the sling bag with that smug smile on the face is not there due to geographical positions.

But connections are there on Facebook, Instagram, whatsapp, WordPress and email.

So first thing was yesterday, scanning through 123 greetings, and selecting the best with personalised message and sent on email with delivery date for today.

Then get up early in the morning and write Birthday songs on all the media. (I would have sent a voice clip, but my singing ability could spoil the day).

First thing you see on messages is a good morning from a special friend. Boosted by that beautiful gesture, proceeded typing the Birthday song.

The only regret is that the Birthday gift is a ps. to be given in the next meeting.

Happy Birthday Dear

Birthday and Social Media

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