Quite Innovative and Emulative

Education system generally in India is focused on getting higher marks in written examinations. This forces students to spend time, running into late night, confined to chairs with practically no physical activity.

Calicut University in Kerala has come up with a unique program which is laudable and embraced by the students in large.

Students can get upto 24 additional marks (grace marks) if they enroll and complete the program. Here they have a variety of sports/ physical activity options which are modules of at least 10 hours of workout during each of the four semesters.

The response to the initiative is huge. Students and parents are all in praise and are happy at the positive effects of the physical activity compared to the bad effects of what is becoming a couch potato.

That’s is with gaining the extra grades without a side effect of health degradation and in fact with positive effects of health upgradation.

Simple but surely an effective initiative which should be copied by all educational institutions.

Quite Innovative and Emulative

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