Hospitality At Home

I have a daughter in Dallas and the second one in London. For this Christmas we decided to meet in Dallas and reach there the required number of days ahead of my daughter’s Birthday and continue through to January 2019.

That’s family

However some relations, close relations of course thought they are doing us a favour by joining us. It’s alright if it’s for a Christmas party. But then came up the question to my daughter in Dallas, ‘can we stay with you?’.

That’s including two teenagers and for 16 days.

This is when I got a chance to analyse people. I for one am very egoistic and avoid staying with anyone, instead would look for accommodation in the locality.

Naturally my family get exposed to that concept.

And so my daughter sort of freaked out. As the hostess she could visualise trouble especially when the visitors are known ‘high maintenance

I had to be the bad guy to tell them of our desire for an exclusive family get together which I did to the relations from in-laws.

I like friends staying with us with a few what I call, ‘house guests rules’ which I posted sometime back,

But then we can pick and choose likeable friends and even change friends.

Relations however are fixed and members within the family are not unique.

Perhaps here we see an edge for friends over relations.

Hospitality At Home

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