Available Reunion

I have taken the title from the Marxist Party coinage of available politburo where emergency meetings on issues are held with available members.

One of our postgraduate batchmates came down to Kerala from USA and we decided to have a get together with us batchmates available.

Someone suggested an agricultural theme park ‘Mango Meadows’ and we spent the day there. We were a batch of 16 of which two are no more. Out of the rest 14 only 6 could join.

Mango Meadows is a wonderful place developed by an individual with about 15 years of dedication. It’s all of 40 acres out of which 9 acres are earmarked for visitors to explore.

It has everything, cottages, food, swimming pool, go-carting, cycling, limited water sports, fish, fishing, birds, pets, cows and the most important the undoubtedly world’s best plantation of rare and ancient plants; medicinal, fruiting or otherwise.

It’s this plantation that makes me recommend a visit. I have to go back, as to read, hear and study the names and folklore around the rare trees and plants will take a lot of time. If I have to give a dimension, there are 111 varieties of mango trees.

Then the ancient trees around which Malayalam poets composed and sang many a poem.

A very good experience and great reunion. Got back in time to prepare the greeting card, online present and messages for the birthday of the dearest little person. And when that finished around midnight, saw the birthday baby online and called and sang Happy Birthday.

Total BLISS.

Available Reunion

6 thoughts on “Available Reunion

  1. Wow! I love the very sound of it! I think it’s about time all of us returned to nature in our own capacity, whatever we have taken from it. This investment would perhaps yield the best returns- psychologically. It is the need of the hour; it must be our gift to the generations ahead.

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    1. Thank you Vidya. And you are absolutely right.
      This place is worth the time simply because of the successful efforts in bringing all the plants and trees that we have heard about or seen in the works of great poets. Also around the folklore, the beliefs and the healing capacity of nature

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