My Book and Writing Block

My book is for a tick in the bucket list. I am facing a writer’s block after the initial pages.

I think I know the reason. When you’re not a talented writer to create something absolutely from imagination, a lot of you will influence your episodes.

And then it’s my ‘weakness’ which, to me, the greatest asset that’s causing a dilemma.

A lot of it is flowing through the pen when I write and many of them involve lovely people. Now the dilemma splits into two.

One, you; how can you Mr.Hyde expose your Mr. Jekyll for all to read.

Two, those associates of Jekyll; shouldn’t Mr. Hyde protect the unwritten confidentiality.

If I resolve the dilemmas, the story will read like a cooking class.

So, Mr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde have their works cut out to proof read each and every episode, if not the word.

I now, have to get Mr. Jekyll spice up the episodes and Mr. Hyde to moderate them.

But then I am the self proclaimed Walter Mitty.

My Book and Writing Block

8 thoughts on “My Book and Writing Block

  1. Writer’s block is something I fear and face all the time and I think most of the writers do so you’re not alone, you’ll overcome it shortly and produce something excellent I know 🙂

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